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New single cell sequencing methods and applications: 8th Meeting Single Cell Center Heidelberg (SCC HD)
Date: Thursday, 12. December 2019
Start Time: 14:30

Organizers: Eileen Furlong, Karsten Rippe, Josephine Bageritz, Charles Girardot

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14:30-15:45 Session I (15 min talks + 10 min discussion), chair Karsten
14:30-14:55 Lara Klett (Rippe group, DKFZ & BioQuant): Targeted single cell DNA sequencing
of leukemia patient samples to resolve tumor evolution
14:55-15:20 Nicola Casiraghi (Stegle group, DKFZ & EMBL): Dissecting tumor subclone
structure with copy number variation analysis of scRNA-seq data
15:20-15:45 Theodore Alexandrov (EMBL): Spatial single-cell metabolomics
15:45-16:15 Coffee break with informal discussions
16:15-17:30 Session II (15 min talks + 10 min discussion), chair Eileen
16:15-16:40 Jessica Velten (Ingrid Lohmann group, Univ of Heidelberg): Single cell sequencing
of motoneurons and muscle cells in Drosophila embryos
16:40-17:05 Adam Phillip Oel (Arendt & Crocker groups, EMBL & Kaessmann group, ZMBH)
Evolution of retinal cell types in the sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinus
17:05-17:30 Laleh Haghverdi (Huber group, EMBL): New perspectives for single-cell data
integration beyond paired features correlation
17:30-17:40 Wrap up, announcement topics of next meetings on 5th March 2020 (EMBL, 14:00
hour), 18th June 2020 (BioQuant, 14:30 hour), 17th September 2020 (EMBL, 14:00 hour),
26th November 2020 (BioQuant, 14:30 hour).
Discussion with beer & pizza

Location : BioQuant, SR 41, ground floor