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Hematologic Malignancies are a major challenge for today’s healthcare system. In Germany alone, over 12.000 patients are newly diagnosed with Leukemia each year.

Within HeLeNe, short for Heidelberg Leukemia Network, over 20 research groups have teamed up as a grass root initiative aiming to bring together the broad expertise in the Heidelberg area on treatment of and research of those disease in order to improve progress leading to improved treatment options for patients.

As a matter of principle and self-conception, our Network is always open for new partners and scientists to join.

As part of HeLeNe, we offer regular scientific events aiming to:

  • Connect basic, translational and clinical researchers to improve research and visibility
  • Develop an exchange platform for all Leukemia Researchers active in the Heidelberg area
  • Offer regular overviews on research projects and ideas for cooperation in order to identify further opportunities for synergies